Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Re: Discouraged by Pentax reliability

AllBrands wrote:

Of course the Pentax fanboys write off the OP's experience as "dumb luck". Entirely predictable because if there were any validity to his claims, then we wouldn't all be so smart for having bought the best.

I suspect that in point of fact, if we weren't all so gullible and delusional, most of us wouldn't be shooting Pentax to begin with. It is inherent then that we are, as a group, unswayed by anecdotes, surveys, charts or sales figures. We shoot Pentax because we believe what we want to. When and if that ever changes, we'll quietly change brands and know that THIS time we really are smart and all the facts and evidence are finally on our side.

They didn't do that.  I saw other mentions of the lens button and many threads about mirror flop.  And if you want real venom, go to the Nikon forum and mention sensor spots on the D600.  Pointing out that we don't know whether Canikons are generally more or less trouble-free than Pentax is just being honest.

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