Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

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Re: Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

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This mini review is fair & balanced & sums up the ILC-3000 accurately. Given its initial asking price this camera deserves to sell well & is an excellent entry level camera. It seems that Sony have finally accepted that an eye-level VF is needed , I just hope that the quality of the EVF is sufficient for the job.

It is understandable that many current NEX owners are a little sceptical because they may already have more capable cameras & , in addition , they are left feeling a little unsure as to where the current NEX line may go.

Even more so after reading the review!

Quote: "During our product briefing, Sony reps revealed that according to internal study data, 60% of likely system camera buyers preferred DSLR styling to the typical rangefinder-style mirrorless design. Sony clearly took those numbers to heart, and the result is its first DSLR-shaped mirrorless camera, which draws its visual cues in equal parts from the A-mount Alpha A58 and the Cyber-shot HX300 superzoom."

Sony clearly want to move NEX, or should I say E-mount 'out of the niche'. For those of us who entered into NEX system because we prefered it over the mainstream this is very bad news

For me it is great news. I do like the Nex style and I can't think why Sony would throw 40% of the market away? 40% is a lot of cameras. They want to add custommers, not throw them away! The A3000 is a briliant camera, it is very cheap (show me an other camera with EVF and a very good sensor and a decent kit lens that only costs $399 at launch) It may be atractive to a group of potential mirrorless buyers and it delevers stunning pictures.

The "real"Nex cameras are for just under 50% of the people intresting, do you real think Sony will not sserve them too? Do you realy think they will loose that kind of numbers?

Again I love my Nex and don't see me buy the A3000, but for others it is a better camera then the Nex. I think the A-mount is the line that will dissapear slowly when the ILCE is catching on, as the A-mount lenses can be used on all E-mount cameras by adapter, there is no need for the (translucent) mirror when AF gets fast enough with OSPDAF, so lets not panic.

Well said. Sony will not abandon NEX unless the NEX stops selling. I can see them merging the NEX line down to fewer models though.

I don't know why anyone should worry even if Sony did abandon NEX...your current camera won't suddenly stop working and it's not like they support them with regular firmware updates. Also clearly E mount is not going away, so what ever they do with NEX/ILC it's all good.

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