EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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Thank you.

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Come on, let's not go too far in the other direction - just because there are some silly posters in the M4:3 and NEX forums who don't give respect to other mirrorless mounts

I can easily mount my Canon L lenses on the M using the EF/M adapter. Can other mirrorless systems do that? I use my 100L macro on the M at work on a daily basis.

I can't tell if you're truly asking, or being sarcastic...but yes, other mirrorless mounts generally can accommodate lenses from their manufacturer's other line via an autofocus adapter - Nikon Series One can take Nikon DSLR lenses via their FT1 adapter, Sony NEX can take Sony Alpha lenses via the LA-EA1 or LA-EA2 adapters. I think Olympus may offer, or be working on soon, some kind of 4:3 adapter.

If you mean can you mount your Canon L lenses on ANOTHER mirrorless camera, then yes - for most mirrorless mounts, there are Canon adapters - multiple types: dumb adapters which are pure manual focus, some with substitute aperture rings and others with electronic aperture control...then there are newer autofocus-capable adapters that cost more, though the autofocus is pretty slow...and finally there are the focal reducer types that can approximate the original full-frame focal of the lens while increasing the effective aperture by 1/2 stop.

These are all key selling points for mirrorless cameras in general, and the reason all mirrorless buyers should be interested in the survival and thriving of all the mounts, so we can all keep innovation coming and see mirrorless bodies continue to develop and grow in ALL brands.

I had never looked into it so I was curious.

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