Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Re: Discouraged by Pentax reliability

AllBrands wrote:

I suspect that in point of fact, if we weren't all so gullible and delusional, most of us wouldn't be shooting Pentax to begin with. It is inherent then that we are, as a group, unswayed by anecdotes, surveys, charts or sales figures. We shoot Pentax because we believe what we want to. When and if that ever changes, we'll quietly change brands and know that THIS time we really are smart and all the facts and evidence are finally on our side.

That description may fit you perfectly, but you can't speak for a single other person.  I'll tell you why I continue to shoot Pentax.  I got my first one in 1975 and have had at least a dozen bodies and at least as many lenses.  The only service I have ever needed on any of these is a $35 repair on a Pentax ME that I bought in '77 and had a repair done on it in the late 90s.  The cameras and lens have always held up wonderfully and gave me everything I asked of them.

It seems difficult for you and other like you to believe that many of us are actually served well by Pentax - but it's true!

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