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Not really a trouble maker...

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Just an observation, OK? Sometimes the JPG is better.

Better than what?  If you use the Sony software you'll see exactly the same image on screen as you took in your camera if that's what you want.

I shot some outdoor shots of people at a meeting. RAW + JPG. In editing, I notice that the JPG looks so much better! The camera processing took much better care of noise, sharpening, but most of all automatic lens correction for Chromatic Aberration! Take a look at these 100% crops:

They don't seem very 100% as they are different sizes...  But if you used the Sony software you'd see the same image, if you used lightroom you'd have a different starting point but you could get very similar (or better) in well under a minute - send me the raw if you want and I'll have a go - my own time limit in photos is 2 minutes - most get a default applied in Lightroom and that's it.

The fence shows it fairly well, but the back of his shirt outlined in red (plus several other objects in the rest of the frame) all showed it. The RAW has a lot of CA and the JPG is perfect!

But the raw is a processed jpeg...  Run it through the Sony software and you'll get the same result...

Not sure what the moral of the story is except take a look at both when editing, and always shoot both, not just RAW. Sometimes the RAW can save your butt, sometimes the JPG is better.

But that's just a waste of space and time unless you need the jpeg for something!

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