Why the Nikon 1 system does not sell well....

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But it does sell well, mostly...

The Nikon 1 J1 is one of the top Compact System Cameras on Amazon, and was the number one selling mirrorless in 2012 in some regions like Japan.

The sales of the Nikon 1 system have moved Nikon into the number four spot worldwide for mirrorless camera sales, so to say that the Nikon 1 doesn't sell well is not accurate.

I agree that the V2 is too expensive, but lenses except for the UWA, 32 f/1.2 and newest 10-100 are reasonably priced.  I think many who are interested in photography as a hobby however may be realizing that small size is less important than handling, ergonomics and overall quality of system.  So many simply prefer to go all out and purchase a Nikon DSLR, for the larger sensor, nice DSLR ergonomics, and OVF.

Personally I think the Nikon V1 makes an excellent small second camera, or even main camera for some.  The fact that it shares my D800 battery is great as I seem to always have a battery for one of my camera.  And the V1 truly has the best AF system and fastest processing of any mirrorless camera to date. But the V2 priced so close to the D5200, D7000 and even a D7100 body, it's makes it a bit of a tough sell for some.

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