Sony tries to make an NX20

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Re: Sony tries to make an NX20

Coldamus wrote:

wictred wrote:

It is a 1.44M evf. The 200k evf was a false info from SAR ... just like the rest of their BS.

So for 400$ msrp(!) you get an emount camera with evf and an A58 sensor ...

What has Sony Alfa Rumors got to do with anything? I quite clearly stated that I was quoting info from Dpreview. That data was cut and pasted word for word. The specs were given to Dpreview directly by Sony.

If you were right, that would make a difference but unless you can provide a link to specs on Sony's own site or a reputable review site, I am inclined to believe Dpreview. 200k dots was regarded as inadequate 10 years ago. Today it is ludicrous.

Where does dpreview say anything about 200k dot?

The specs only contain the 230k lcd screen resolution.

The only site that brought up the 200k EVF is SAR.

If DPReview and others are disappointed by the resolution then this doesn't mean that it is below 1.44M dots .... the A57 1.44M EVF got similar remarks.

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