EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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Re: How do I put this nicely?

wfektar wrote:

EvokeEmotion wrote:

In other words, I want to see those arrogant M43 and NEX users drop their jaws.

Are you really so emotionally committed to a piece of gear? Or to a label on the piece of gear?

This is how I feel when I run across attitudes like the OP's.

What people amazingly forget is that the EOS M is a first-generation product.

  • The first generation EOS (650 and 620) were not impressive cameras. EOS is currently one of the dominant camera systems available.
  • The Powershot G1 was not a particularly interesting camera. Later versions sold rather better.
  • Canon's first DSLRs were, well, not nearly as good as their current models.

I bought the M because it suited me. I liked the IQ, I was not put off by stories of bad AF, the price was right, etc. I never looked at NEX, m43, or any of the others, I just never cared. Other manufacturers have put some very interesting features into their cameras, features I would love to see in upcoming Ms, but I'm not going to stamp my feet and pitch a fit if the next M doesn't make Sony fanboys green with envy, I just don't care what others think.

I was heavily invested in Canon FD when they dropped the mount and started pushing EOS. I was upset, at first, especially as their first EOS were nothing to write home about. But then I realized that my T90 and F-1 were perfectly capable cameras regardless of what new features were available on other models. And so I stopped caring what others think. And I still shoot with T90s and F-1s.

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