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Re: would be nice if Nex C3 recognized adapter as flash

This is an older thread, but I thought I'd post because this is relevant information. There is a new NEX flash adapter called the Allacax Smor. You can guy it on Amazon or ebay.  This adapter is different because it has a switch on the side that will toggle whether or not the camera will think a flash is attached or not.

In the Bright mode, the camera thinks a flash is attached. On all cameras, including the older NEX-5 or NEX-3, this will make the live preview illuminate at a level that is fixed, regardless of exposure settings. This is what was missing on the old adapters! Shutter speed will be limited to 1/160 sec.

In the other mode, the camera won't know a flash is connected. The live preview will go back to representing as dark or bright as the camera estimates the exposure without flash would be. But it does remove the 1/160 sec restriction. I found I could shoot at 1/200 and even 1/250 sec without noticable flash sync issues on my NEX-3.

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