Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

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Re: Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

SDF wrote:

Sounds like same sensor from Alpha 58. Looks good.

"the sensor in the A3000 appears to be more or less identical to the one in the Alpha A58, which we reviewed just this month. We were reasonably impressed with both of those elements in the past, so there's no reason to think we won't be happy with the A3000's performance."

jimr wrote:

Interesting thing that Sony is doing with the A3000 is giving the consumer some context clues on market tiering:

Normally comparing DSLRs to mirrorless NEX feels to the consumer like comparing apples to oranges.

A3000 is kind of an apple (DSLR shaped body) AND kind of an orange (E-mount mirrorless)

By pricing their biggest offering that looks like a slightly flattened DSLR, and essentially pricing it like a DSLR, they're positioning it with the intro DSLRs that everyone buys, apples = apples.

Because that pricing is at the BOTTOM end of the E-mount range, they are indicating that when comparing oranges to oranges, the rangefinder compact Mirrorless form factor is the ELITE, UPMARKET, PROFESSIONAL model.

So cheapest orange = apple.

I'm sure their marketing department debated a lot on whether to call the A3000 a NEX or not. Personally I think they should have called it a low end NEX and positioned against low end DSLRs.

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