Sony tries to make an NX20

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Re: Sony tries to make an NX20

Kaziklu wrote:

I like my Samsung and I think the MFT are good if your hands are small enough, and the Sony Camera's are good too.
But my big issue with Samsung is that it locks up randomly, the lens' are still not there, there is very little in strategic partnership.
in DSLR you have Canon and Nikon, and then off to the side there is Pentax.
That is not to say that Pentax DSLR's aren't as good as Nikon or Canon they are just different, and things like lens selection, and tethering will pull people to Canon and Nikon.
That is how I see Samsung right now.. but I think Samsung needs to work on building a lens base, and Partnerships.
Sony has Tamron, Sigma, and Ziess lens' now, Samsung is still all internal.
I love my NX20 about 80% of the time, but random lock ups and lens selection (I'm a zoom user) makes it tough.
At the same time, I learned on the NX system I only use the NX system, and even if I get a DSLR I am likely going to keep the NX20 as a backup and travel camera. I enjoy it.
At the moment Samsung has work to do to catch up, and they started with a lead.

What I would like from Samsung is just cameras that operate rock solid & fast, don't act glitchy and don't suffer buffer lag lockup. None of that nonsense. It's got to feel like a SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL TOOL.

If they had done that, I'd have purchased one, even if it lagged a bit behind Sony's sensors. There's a lot of cool ideas in Samsung's cameras, but they're not as polished as I'd expect them to be at the price point they're selling them.

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