NEX to RX1 one... any thoughts?

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Re: NEX to RX1 one... any thoughts?

I have a NEX-7, a NEX-5 (converted to full-spectrum, usually used with an IR filter), and I also had a NEX-5N.  I don't know about "thousands" of shots, since I am not that prolific (but see there are some examples of each)

At first I bought some Contax G lenses, trying to match the best small optics I could afford with the NEX sensors. I had very gratifying results. I also used the SEL24F18Z, the SEL50F18, and a Makro Planar 100/2.

The thing about the RX1 is that it kind of spoils me for the NEX cameras. Colors are better, menus more straightforward, the RX1 build is incredible, and I really do use super high ISOs and have an obsession with sharp optics.

It all depends on your approach/philosophy. Do you compromise or go to extremes? The NEXes are excellent compromises, but you lose a little bit in every area.  I've been thinking of taking a two extremes approach: Pen EP-5 for street shooting, and the RX1 for insane quality. The current crop of NEXes are stranded in the middle area. AF is not as satisfying, and touch shutter is just missing from any NEX with an EVF. From an optical standpoint, I really haven't lost out anything with a NEX7, but then I'd rather shoot either an RX1 (with better direct control) or a PEN (with faster focus and focus point selection).

The NEX-7 is so close to brilliant in terms of operation, except that Sony won't do meaningul firmware updates, and doesn't not facilitate fast operation even with all the dials since they insist on 1/3 stop accuracy for everything, resulting in spinning and spinning the dials to change from one lighting extreme to another. An RX1 with an apeture ring solves half the problem, but the shutter dial still suffers from the same issue. The RX1's manual mode with auto-iso is also a big big win for me, and all I ever use.

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