Top 3 Tips for a NEW IDX owner?

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Re: How would setup your C2 for these shots?

One other tip, and it can apply to any Camera, is to shoot for period and then re read the manual, I normally do this after the first month, and then at annual intervals, and each time I have found better settings which help my shooting

As regards AF case, you can read the white paper and manual, the info from the actual camera is very useful in my view, and I would suggest that you possibly start with case 1 and find out what's not right about those settings, and adjust as you go along

I would like a setting that will pick up focus on a small birds in flight quickly, keeping locked on, not getting distracted by foliage backgrounds, all that whilst using just the single centre point AF ( 2xTC) only with no expansion available, a tall order and one  I suspect it will probably take me the best part of a year to get optimal

If you swap between servo and one shot regularly, set up the DOF button to allow you to do it instantly for a particular shot

One useful benefit that I like over my 1DM3 is the ability to move through the custom and function settings with the 1 button and see the results in the viewfinder

Now go out and enjoy it

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