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Re: Talk about low expectations

rhlpetrus wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

ii) Nothing has been lost in terms of IQ for the dual pixel AF function.

From some images and tests (shadow recovery) I had hoped for better low ISO performance.

Realistically, until and unless Canon completely changes its sensor architecture, that won't happen. There are sound commercial reasons why they can't, and Canon users seem able to live with it. If they can't, they do what I did, buy a Nikon camera. Remember also that as a package, the 70D makes a compelling offer, and is strong in areas where extended DR is less of an issue (action photography, birding, etc). The lack of banding, if confirmed, will make it much easier to process than any previous Canon - it's very very hard to acceptably get rid of banding, it just changes to nasty coloured streaks, but the same amount of random noise is easily dealt with.

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