Sony tries to make an NX20

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Re: Sony tries to make an NX20

Admission: I have a NEX 5n. Wouldn't mind a Sony knockoff of a NX20 ( or NX30????)...but compare their A3000 with the features in the NX20...there's no articulating back, the lcd is low res, there's no IBIS for old timers like me with a bit of the shakes.  DP initial impressions (and mine) are negative. Samsung has an open about a NX30 with quality construction, updated sensor etc. Sony seems rudderless, up the ante.

Sony is rudderless? Get serious here. I am a Korean, a huge Samsung fan, and kind of a Sony critic in all areas other than cameras. But I have to say that Sony is definitely doing a better job in cameras.

The A3000 in a $399 MSRP camera.

The NX20 was Samsung's $1099 MSRP flagship camera now discounted to $549.

So you're comparing the features of the top of the line Samsung NX mount with Sony's CHEAPEST E-mount offering. A Sony that is positioned well below Samsung NX1000's MSRP, and right about at the NX1000's street price.

Now Samsung is offering a Galaxy camera for $1700. They need to focus on the cameras operating as great cameras, while innovating in the tech ideas. I keep expecting and wanting Samsung to finally come around to making terrific cameras but so far they're just "OK", and way overpriced as cameras for what you get.

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