Rumor: Nikon preparing to announce new D5300 and D610 DSLR cameras

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Re: No way they'll change the focus system

While I agree that putting the D7100 focus system into the D610 would be all I would need to buy it, I don't think that it is possible for a quick refresh like the 610 would be. I would be shocked if they made the body more robust either. The only things I could imagine them changing would be more minor things that are mostly firmware related. Then they would also offer all the firmware upgrades they could for the D600 users, similar to what happened with the D70 / D70s (although this is arguing against my point as I think they increased the screen size). I really hope I am wrong and the speculation is true. A few minor updates to the D600 is all it would take for me to jump.

Again - hoping I'm wrong, but to be honest, I strongly doubt we'll see a D610. There - I put it in writing so now hopefully all my doubts will come true!

PatrickP wrote:

That would indeed be most welcomed. That plus up the fps a bit to 6.5 or 7 (from 5.5) and I would trade down my D800E for one. That would be as close to a "D700 successor" as it can be, outside of a metal body. I wouldn't mind a $400 battery grip either if it can up the fps to 8 at full-res.

That said I would definitely wait for a few months to make sure there are not major QA issues.


Steve Bingham wrote:


PatrickP wrote:

Hi Michel,

How likely is Nikon going to put the 51-point AF in the D610? Now Nikon has no excuses anymore, even the D7100 has 51-point AF!


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