Sony tries to make an NX20

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Re: Sony tries to make an NX20

wictred wrote:

It is a 1.44M evf. The 200k evf was a false info from SAR ... just like the rest of their BS.

So for 400$ msrp(!) you get an emount camera with evf and an A58 sensor ...

What has Sony Alfa Rumors got to do with anything?   I quite clearly stated that I was quoting  info from Dpreview.  That data was cut and pasted word for word.   The specs were given to Dpreview directly by Sony.

If you were right, that would make a difference but unless you can provide a link to specs on Sony's own site or a reputable review site, I am inclined to believe Dpreview.  200k dots was regarded as inadequate 10 years ago.  Today it is ludicrous.

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