Canon EOS 70D DxO Mark

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Re: Canon EOS 70D DxO Mark

FunckyPIX wrote:

I don't think there is much to catch up, as Nikon don't provide intact true raw some processing is appliyed whereas Canon is just demosaicing true raw.

Could you please provide some evidence to support that assertion?

Comparaison is a bit old but still in todays philosophy of the two houses :

That is just a contents page. I think it comes close to intellectual dishonesty when people include links which don't directly support what they are saying. I guess the idea is that most people don't bother to follow the link, and think 'oh yes, he has a supporting link, he must be right'. In the case of the astrosurf site, all I can remember in terms of 'raw processing' is Nikon's well documented long exposure processing. There is no implication that 'some processing' is applied to all raws, nor for that matter that Canon doesn't apply any. In fact, we know that Canon does indeed apply NR to raws in some of its latest cameras, DxOmark found pixel noise correlation which provides direct evidence of noise smoothing.

BTW, are you the same person as all the other PIX personas? Not objecting, just wondering who I'm talking to.

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