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One bad news and several good ones [Re: Galaxy NX Pricing revealed]

The bad news is that a truly revolutionary camera (when was the last time we saw one?) clearly defining itself as a full-fledged computer/tablet with a specific set of attachments (mount, lenses, a dedicated photo/video pipeline) cannot be designed and produced for any cheaper -- for now. And Samsung does not seem to like the idea of a loss leader. The announced US pricing is a bit, but not too much, lower than the European one.

Whoever compares this camera to ANY other camera is a fool, because there is no head-to-head competition with matching capabilities yet.

Whoever says, oh, I can have both a good camera and a separate smartphone for the same money is missing the point that to integrate both symbiotically is hard work however bearing immediate fruit in the seamless workflow.

One good news is that because the camera has evolved naturally into a computer, sooner than later drastic drops in price will apply. Yes, for someone who views a camera as a long-term investment (like in the film days), this is not so good. But, for someone who is accustomed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the current computers, or all electronic devices for that matter -- now -- it is absolutely normal. That being said, whoever does not necessarily need the unmatched capabilities of this camera now, would be good advised to wait for six months to see a significant price drop.

Another potentially good news is that this is the MSRP price, and the retailers would be free to take off $100 or more of it.

A third good news is that with the holidays coming, the retailers will usually promote discount prices on multiple lenses and other accessories (like the ED-SEF220a flash or the EM10 mike) upon a body purchase. For someone entering the system or expanding, this will more than compensate the high introductory price of the camera body.

A fourth good news is that the camera will be unlocked, not strangled by any mobile operator. This means one can use the mobile capabilities on the same mobile plan that one already has.

Let's see how major retailers react before we push our judgement.

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