Phuket Thailand, "must see"?

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Re: Phuket Thailand, "must see"?

I live in Thailand. I know Phuket. It's a big tourist destination but I advise you not to go there. Tourists are constantly being conned and ripped off. The whole place is run by organized crime with the local government and the police participating. Taxis and tuc-tucs will over charge you. DO NOT RENT A JET SKI. When you return it, the rental company may claim you damaged it and demand several hundred dollars. If you refuse you could get beat up. The police won't help they are part of the scam. Be careful with your luggage while you are in Phuket. There is a scam where dope may be planted and then it will be found when you go through customs. It's an extortion racket and it will cost you big bucks to stay out of jail. Several European  countries are warning their citizens about visiting there. Most people who go there are lucky and only get overcharged and ripped off by taxies and tuc-tucs. There are better places to visit.

Bangkok is a great city to visit and so is Chang Mai. There are great photo ops and and much to see and it will be less expensive than Phuket and far fewer scams. The hotel desk can recommend places to go and see. I have little fear of problems in each city and consider them relatively safe. I like both cities. Taxis are cheap and so is food. There are only a few things to watch out for. Only take a taxi that has a taxi meter sign on the roof and make sure the driver turns on the meter. If he doesn't get out and get another taxi. The meter price is for the taxi, no matter how many occupants. There will be taxis without meters that hang around the entrances of hotels. Don't use them. They will over charge you. Just walk out to the main drag and flag down a taxi for yourself. Always keep you wallet in your front pocket. There are a lot to pick pockets hanging around tourist areas. When you arrive at the airport, go to the official taxi stand where there are meter signs on the taxi roofs. Use these and you won't be overcharged. Other than that you should have a great time. I love it here.

Have a great time. Bangkok has been voted the best tourist destination in the world.

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