Why Pentax, Why?

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Re: Why Pentax, Why?

viking79 wrote:

So they can sell you a hot shoe on the MX2? I agree . . .

Ah, the cat's out of the bag. In the earliest days of my long-running fascination with cameras, camera makers started offering miniature accessory light meters that would fit in the accessory shoe or onto the front of  35mm cameras. Those were all selenium cell meters. A couple of years later, many mfrs. were adding uncoupled built-in meters. A year or two later we started seeing coupled selenium cell meters built in. Shortly, some fully automatic cameras hit the market.  At that point, the little uncoupled accessory shoe meters were as dated as a top hat. Then, it was on to the first CDS, or cadmium disulfide, meters that were actually useful in very low light, although unlike selenium meters they required battery power.

It's deliberate creeping gradualism laced with planned obsolescence. It's a marketing cousin to the way women's skirts and dresses get longer and then shorter over time.

, but really not that many people actually use one. Look at the RX100, first version has no hot shoe and no tilt screen. Second version 1 year later adds hot shoe and tilt screen for $100 more. Now you have a point and shoot that costs more than a mid level DSLR and kit lens, and people are clamoring to buy them. Marketing department I imagine


Given the number of people who want and find an EVF useful, plus the ones who prefer an external mic for video shooting, it would make sense for camera makers to consider an accessory shoe standard equipment, then see if they can make some extra money selling things to go into those shoes. But hey, if the initial model lacks a shoe, maybe some early adopters will decide to sell off their shoeless wonder a year or two later when the manufacturer comes out with a new improved version that includes an accessory shoe.

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