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Re: Err...what??

peevee1 wrote:

E-M5 was $1000 18 months ago (and not even then, as it came with free flashes/grips/lenses depending on a country). Since then a lot of new competition appeared and prices have fallen, including the price of E-M5.

Yes, in mirrorless alone we now have the NEX6 body for $648 and Fuji X-E1 for $799, both with arguably better APS-C sensors.

Weather-sealed, dual-control-wheel, sensor-stabilized camera with 6 fps and built-in flash, not much bigger and heavier than E-M1 looks to be, with pentaprism OVF, with A LOT of available lenses easily matching m43 and 4/3 systems combined, sells for $470 on Amazon new. Yes, and this camera beats Somy m43 sensor by 1/2 stop in noise and 2 stops in DR at base. WiFi is the price of EyeFi card, $50 or so, and only for those few who need it (nobody really does, so you can sell the EyeFi card after you play with it).

Yes, the Pentax K-30 is a phenomenal buy, provided you're also satisfied with their lens system, which has some excellent lenses but never competed with Olympus FT when it came to HG and SHG zooms. The E-M1 now claims to allow use of these zooms without AF penalties, but in their infinite wisdom Olympus has now imposed a cost penalty instead.

So all those features (and E-M1 does not even have build-in flash) are not going to sell your $1,500 body to any rational buyers, and there are only so many irrational ones. Want to sell it, either compete on price with cameras with YOUR feature set, or compete on features with bigger boys.

I agree. This forum is a rarefied little bubble struggling against the realities of how mFT is faring in the global marketplace. Olympus can ill afford another over-pricing debacle right on the heels of the E-P5, yet here we are, a $1500 update to the $1000 E-M5, call it what you like.

And to think, 2 years ago all I wanted was a sensor and VF improvement to my E-510 and E-620 DSLR's, each purchased for under $600. Loved their size, build, handling, IBIS, dust control and Olympus colors. And fully usable with the full range of excellent Olympus SG, HG and SHG lenses.

Now Olympus has again provided an answer to a question I never asked: the $1500 mFT interpretation of an E-xxx DSLR. I've settled nicely with my E-M5, not perfect but a lot of goodness baked in for $1000 (I paid considerably less). But at $1500, a 50% premium, I hardly think the E-M1 will sell in anywhere near the same volumes.

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