Sony tries to make an NX20

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Re: Sony tries to make an NX20

wictred wrote:

So have you actually used an A3000 or how do you know?

At least he/she bothered to read the specs and/or Dpreview's preview.. You obviously didn't.

The EVF is a 1.44M dot like most mirrorless have them.

No it is not. It is 200k dot. To quote dpreview:

"The Sony A3000's electronic viewfinder is small and fairly low resolution by today's standards, with a 201,600-dot LCD, with a choice of auto or manual brightness adjustment. A diopter wheel on the left side of the viewfinder allows adjustment from -4.0 to +3.5."

You can bet that the performance (RAW burst, processing) will be like all the other Sony models.

Maybe so, maybe not. According to Imaging Resource: "Ordinarily, the A3000 will capture just 2.5 frames per second, but if you're willing to lock exposure and focus from the first frame, this can be increased to a still-sedate 3.5 fps. Burst depth is 13 frames in JPEG mode, and drops to just five frames if you add raw files."

From the Photoblographer: "We were handling a pre-production unit, but the focusing on this camera has to be the slowest amongst any of the mirrorless cameras from Sony that we’ve ever held. It felt even a bit slower than an offering from Fujifilm. And with that in mind, it didn’t feel like a Sony at all. However, we’re willing to blame it on the fact that we handled a prototype and that the lenses we had on hand were also prototypes."

So if you're looking for a cheap mirrorless DSLR-styled body with an EVF and APS-C sensor then there's no better offer at the moment.

Only because there are no others. All it has going for it is the sensor and the price.

The main reason everyone is so down on it is the 230k dot screen and 200k dot evf resolution. You'd be hard pressed to find a $75 point and shoot today with worse screen res. The evf res. is even worse than the 240k dots of my 10 year old Olympus C-760 superzoom which is dreadful.

Personally I wouldn't care about the screen if the evf was good enough (or vice versa) but with both being so low res., it is a waste of a good sensor. The price is ok but was there any need to penny-pinch so much when they could have used the decent screens and evfs they already make for their point & shoots and superzooms.   If they had done that, even I would be interested.

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