EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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Re: The AF bashers deserve no respect

happypoppeye wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

happypoppeye wrote:

Everyone does that everywhere on the different forums here. But, that said, the M does not deserve any respect with that AF speed ...and Canon should be absolutely ashamed of the M

Have you ever actually used one with firmware 2 for any length of time?

It turns out that the current AF bashers in this thread have never owned an EOS M. A question is why they are in this forum at all.

It's not called bashing it's called opinion ...and yes, I own an EOS-M ...looks like the pro-Canon guys are a bit sensitive ...ahhhh

It's amazing how someone says it has slow AF but otherwise is a great camera and the post gets picked apart until it becomes an AF basher. Dumb, extremely dumb.

earlier you wrote "I had one and couldn't take it ...just annoying." So do you own one or did you own one?

i've used a gf3 and own a gf2... it's AF is only marginally faster than the eos m... how can you stand your gf3?

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