Keep LX7 or RX100?

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Re: Keep LX7 or RX100?

borocay wrote:

Hi, I have owned a Panasonic LX7 for about six months and I have fallen in love with it. It is a very fun camera to use. The other day I was at Best Buy looking at cameras and I came across the RX100. I had read all of the great reviews on the camera so I was intrigued to say the least. The Best Buy guy comes by and tells me that they have an open box RX100 for sale for $460.00. That is a significant reduction off the retail price for the camera so it caught my attention to say the least. Then he tells me that he might be able to get his manager to go even lower on the price. A few minutes later he comes back and tell me he can sell it for $420.00. I couldn't pass it up so I bought it. I have used it for the past couple of days taking pictures around the house. It is a very nice camera. However, it is not as easy or fun to use as the LX7. Unfortunately, I have to come to terms that I can only keep one camera since both the LX7 and the RX100 are so similar. I hate to return such a nice camera that I got for such a cheap price, but at the same time I recognize that keeping both is foolish. I really want to keep one of them and purchase something else like a WX300 or HX50V which has a large zoom, so I can have different types of cameras for different occasions. I know this is a Sony forum so most posters will favor the RX100 but I really want some suggestions on which one to keep. Any help, suggestions, tie-breakers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There will always be good deals if you look hard enough and have a little patience.. you might have been better off passing on this one unless you had specific issues with the LX7 that you thought the RX100 would address.

But, if you really want to evaluate both I think you need to keep the RX100 long enough to become familiar with the menus, controls, features, etc.  It's really too much to evaluate in a few days and realistically you need a month or more unless you are already familiar with Sony menus, features, etc.   It was easy for me to learn the RX100MKII but I already have a Sony camera and they are very similar in a lot of ways.   If you aren't willing to keep the RX100 long enough then I would just go ahead and return it now - especially since you haven't mentioned anything that you don't like about your LX7.

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