What is the definition of a professional wildlife photographer?

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Re: Professional is one who is earning a living.

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Was hoping for a little more than that? I would say wedding photographers are a good definition of a professional photographer. Making a living taking pics and selling them. But wildlife photography is a lot different than a professional wedding or portrait photographer. Or maybe I am wrong?

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IMHO, a professional (fill in anything) is someone who gets paid for their work.

I don't think so. If you are a car salesman by profession and your neighbour pays you to build their fence during your summer holidays you are not a professional carpenter even if the fence you built kicks everyones else's butt.

To get technical you are a professional when more than 50% of your income comes from a trade, career, etc. You can good at many things but only one qualifies you as a professional - the one that brings in most of the meat and potatoes. If you do several things that all bring in an equal amount you are a "jack of all trades".

Just to add. I would slit my wrists before hiring a guy telling me he is a professional, gardner, painter, electrician, concrete guy and photographer. He could not keep his chit together with 2  trades while maintaining high end "consistent" professionalism. We hired professional painters once who like other trades over book. Different guys in the house every day, never knew where the other ones left off, got the colours wrong.

Not to say people cannot do well with multiple trades. If I want a quality $7000 wedding with guaranteed results I want an accredited person who has experience because they devote most of time to their trade. They make their living off that so a quality product is important to them. Even then it can go wrong but the chances are slimmer. If I want $500 wedding the I'm OK with a guy who washes windows during the week. Not to say that person cannot do a good a job. I've seen excellent stuff from amateurs.

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