Why the Nikon 1 system does not sell well....

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Re: I don't understand the complaints about price

rouchefoucald wrote: But even Thom Hogan repeatedly says the N1 cameras are overpriced. Look, I love my V1, but there's no place in hell I'm paying $1000 for a camera that can't tell me the actual ISO speed it's going to use when in auto-ISO.

Thom Hogan has just one opinion and his own agenda. You have misunderstood Auto ISO. The point of having such a feature is not to provide a variable ISO and instantly display a value; it is simply to get the shot within a specified range. Nikon's higher priced DSLRs have this feature also and they cost MUCH more than the N series. Action photographers find it very useful. If you have no use for Auto ISO, then specify the exact ISO value you desire as with other cameras.

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