Keep LX7 or RX100?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Keep LX7 or RX100?

I was looking very seriously at the LX7 as it was one of the very few compact cameras that could shoot 1080p60 video.   Unfortunately, its lack of a flip or articulated LCD was a deal-breaker for me.

When the RX100M2 came out with its tilt LCD screen, I went for it.  Its basically the same as the RX100 except that the latter lacks WiFi, EVF capability and the tilt screen.

I'm very impressed with the RX100M2, and I've found the ergonomics to be surprisingly good with the customizable quick function menu, buttons and front control ring.   Its biggest drawback is the fact that the lens is much slower at full telephoto than it is a wide angle.   That basically means that you don't really much if any any more DOF control at the telephoto end than you do at the wide end.   But you can get some decent subject isolation, even for moderately large subject (head and shoulders) at the wide end, which is far better than what I used to get with my previous compact camera (Canon A650).   And although the RX100 doesn't have the same zoom range, the 20MP sensor lets me crop a lot more heavily, so in practice I'm getting a very similar reach to what I was used to before.

If you do decide to keep the camera, I strongly recommend getting the Sony grip - IMHO it really improves the handling of the camera at very low cost.

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