Canon EOS 70D DxO Mark

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Re: Canon EOS 70D DxO Mark

David Hull wrote:

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DxOMark has posted the test results of the recently announced Canon EOS 70D.

What you think?

What it shows is

i) This sensor is a Canon sensor

ii) Nothing has been lost in terms of IQ for the dual pixel AF function.

I think that (ii) is the real take-away that they put a pretty significant feature without breaking anything. As far as we know (haven't really seen the banding detail yet).

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There aren't many pictures to play with yet. My feeling is that banding is virtually eliminated in 70D.

I have processed RAW files from DPR.

In ACR I increased Exposure to +3, color NR 25, no sharpening, no luminance NR

70D shadow areas would be much easier to process compared to 60D or 5D2. I don't think DXO measurements reflects this.

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