EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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Re: Canon brought a knife to a gunfight

MrFlash wrote:

Canon and Nikon have completely dominated the camera market for decades. Canon, especially, was always leading the way with innovations such as USM autofocus, image stabilization and CMOS sensors. But mirrorless is sweeping the market, and the old guard at Nikon and Canon are not only late to the party, but they just don't seem to 'get it'.

The 'M' with no EVF just can't compete with the offerings from NEX, Oly or Fujifilm. Being limited by the lack of an EVF or OVF and slow AF renders the 'M' to P&S status. And the Nikon? The tiny sensor and menu based interface make it more like a toy than a serious photographic tool.

I think Canon and Nikon are relying on their established DSLR range to carry them forward. Based on their initial offerings it appears as if they just don't take 'mirrorless' seriously. Other companies, like Fujifilm, have committed to the mirrorless design and, as a result, their products have found their way into more and more working professional photographers bags.

Only time will tell whether mirrorless cameras or DSLRs will prevail and ultimately dominate the market. But, if mirrorless does prevail, senior managers from Canon and Nikon will have a lot of explaining to do to their stockholders.

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Canon put out a 1st generation CSC with IQ that rivals the best of the current models from others that have been at it for a while. Canon has the resources and tech to create 2nd gen that may dominate, including the best live view focus available. That is far from showing up unarmed.

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