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Re: You have a very active imagination

Chato wrote:

Collett wrote:

Is that neutral enough for you?

You have a very active imagination. Acquire some logic and facts to go with that, and perhaps we can have an adult conversation

At a time when Al Jezzerra is being compared to Al Qaeda, I see nothing funny about joining the chorus of "Hate."

I HAVE made jokes at the expense of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. But for a joke to be "funny," it has to have a grain of truth behind it. Where is this grain of truth is saying they will have a TV program called:

"How I stoned your Mother?"

Women are frequently stoned in the Arab world often for alleged infidelity. That is an irrefutable fact.   Watch "the stoning of soroya m." to get an idea of what goes on there.  Amnesty internal is a good place to learn more about it.   Al Jazzerra is an Arab media network. So yes there is a "grain (or a rock) of truth"

Would it be a laughing matter if I made a joke about the Republican Platform, where I titled on of their planks, "How to use the Bible to teach a woman to enjoy being raped?"

There is no zero truth in the above statement.

And oddly enough, although I would never make such a joke, there's MORE truth in that, then in the above.

The is zero truth in your statement about "using the bible to teach woman to enjoy being raped".

This is not a question of being PC. This is a question of trying to destroy a media outlet by a chorus of slander.

It is absolutely a question about being PC as I and this post have zero power destroy a media outlet.


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