DXO RX1R Lens Tested

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Re: Ugh.

Interesting I too had the interest of the RX1R under a similar idea. Mine was to get close to the Leica look that I love so much. Wish I could blow $12,000 on a camera and a lens. Secondly it makes a hell of a travel camera being so nice and light. I am confident Canon will counter the D800E however I am worried as to what it will cost. My main issue with Canon lately has been their pricing! I love their cameras though. 5D III is ergonomically to me superb. No one can touch the 1DX either. I can't wait to get my little Sony back though it is a breath of fresh air.

Sorry about your issues with the R. Always. Concern with new cameras although it doesn't happen often. Which makes it worse for you!

I have posted D4 photos alongside RX1R photos and had someone comment that the D4 image contained more detail. I didn't agree because I know what I did in post. The D4 is incredible .

Did someone refer to Canon as the Dark side of the Force?

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