Why the Nikon 1 system does not sell well....

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There is an easy explanation...  PRICE!

The V2 is $800 at B&H without a lens. Over $1000 with a slow 30mm-90mm (10-30mm) zoom.

Very few folks will pay $800 for a camera lacking features with a tiny sensor when a PnS can be had for $200 and a APS-C DSLR for around $500.

Nikon needs to pull their head out of their rear and make some changes.  The 1 system would likely do very well if it was priced around $600 with a lens. That's what the Nex5R sells for.

There is no need for a huge tirade on features, quality, pinkness, size or whatever.   Nikon screwed the pooch on this deal when they priced a glorified PnS at a price most consumers think is a joke.  When the V2 drops below $500, it will move without a doubt.

I visited 3 shops when looking for my V2. Having already owned a V1 I had pretty much already decided on a V2, but was trying out other options to make sure.

However, in shop 1 I was introduced to an Olympus rep who was 'in store' that week to 'give advice' on Olympus cameras. He made a concerted attempt to sell me an EM5. Still trying to convince me to buy one instead of a V2 even after producing 6 blurry photos with the Olympus of me walking towards him. The V2 photos he took were all sharp.

In shop 2 I was introduced to a Sony rep. The story was the same as for shop 1 , although the 5R at least managed to get the first and last of its 8 frames sharp!

In shop 3 I was advised not to buy a V2 because not many people were buying them. I asked why that was and they didn't know. When asked if they had ever stocked the V2 they said 'no'. I suggested that might be why they didn't sell many!

The point is that Nikon are not getting reps out to promote the product to either the customers or stores. They are also not presenting the right message. The Nikon 1 cameras can do many things better than any other mirrorless cameras or dSLRs. That is why they are worth the asking price.

Had a Nikon rep been 'in store' to demonstrate the test I got the Sony and Olympus reps to try (walking towards the camera and seeing how many shots were in focus) I am sure not one customer would have left with a NEX or EM5. They would have bought a V2 and thought it good value.
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