Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

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Re: Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

RunOrDie226 wrote:

Great, will see how this goes.

BTW, once I do buy my RAID enclosure, how will I be able to move everything there without Lightroom being confused?

There are basically two ways. Either move the folders using LR itself (the strongly recommended and safe way), or move using your OS and then use find missing folders in LR and manually re-connect them at the top folder level.

And once moved, will I be able to create Smart Previews? I don't have the financial assets atm.

I think you can create Smart Previews (in LR5) any time for a disk where you may not be always connected. Haven't used them myself yet though. If you move the source files as per above (i.e. using LR or the OS), then LR will just reconnect alll the previews, smart or otherwise, to the new folder locations.

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