Why the Nikon 1 system does not sell well....

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Re: I don't understand the complaints about price

razormac wrote:

I should know better than to dis cameras; it always stirs the pot. Regardless, I never said the OM-D EM-5 was a bad camera, just that it was overhyped and that the actual performance difference between it and the V2 wasn't as great you would expect from the hype.

I will leave any arguing on their relative merits to Thom Hogan. I will note that he is currently on safari (and the Nikon V2 is part of his kit).


I agree with Thom and his statements are consistent with what I've been saying, the Nikon 1 is a niche camera, it's great if you do telephoto work and if a person needs fast focusing in daylight. Please go to DPreview's review of the V1 and read t heir conclusion, you will see their findings are very similar to Thom's.

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