EOS M: Rodney Dangerfield of mirrorless?

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Re: 70D compared with EOS M AF

dual12 wrote:

sneakerpimp wrote:

you should try it out for yourself, the AF is not that slow in the real world.

Having the camera in my hand isn't going to speed up the focus. I saw multiple videos from photographers, consumers and reviewers.

Translation: you probably saw one video from a guy who botched the test or was using firmware 1.

You have made 7 posts in this thread bashing the M's AF and you have never even touched one, much less spent even one hour shooting with one. Why? What could possibly compel you to this behavior?

I've never touched a Sony NEX except at a store. Never processed any images shot by a NEX with NEX lenses. Do you see me in a Sony forum bashing the NEX because some guy on YouTube had a complaint?

Come back when you've used one.

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