Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

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Re: Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

RunOrDie226 wrote:

Mark K W wrote:

RunOrDie226 wrote:

So I dont know why I don't have the second status bar. If I did, then it long finished. But I have to manually click on the folders to get the previews generated..only then will I see the preview cache increase.

This is strange to me.... but it maybe that is how it is... My current import is one level of folder with two sub-levels inside (one for each of my cameras), and it is doing all previews all on its own.

What is your import folder structure? How many levels of nesting? Adobe's algorithms on preview building are known only to Adobe, so how it recurses into folders is up to Adobe.

When you visit a folder, then that promotes that folder to be done (= previews built) then, starting with the focused image and the images either side of it. So - there are import folder order algorithms and then image order algorithms within a folder for the order in which previews are built and only Adobe know those.

So maybe your LR has a normal preview queue it wants to do in the background, but you are making folders jump that queue, and that is what you are seeing.

Any other suggestions? Start over with a new catalog and import?

Hmmmm. Maybe. Just to confirm what you see on that preview generation progress bar immediately after the initial import of all 10k images.

How I set up my pictures is that I have 6 Folders.

Under 3/6 Folders (which are 2011, 2012, 2013), I have 8 Subfolders under 2011, I have 5 subfolders under 2012 and another 2 subfolders within the 5 subfolders from 2012. Then I have 5 subfolders under 2013 and another 2 subfolders withint the 5 subfolders from 2013.

And can you add some clarification about the preview generation progress bard immediately after the initial import of my 10k images?

When you do an import, you get a window to check/un-check what you want, then after that it shows importing progress bar in top-left, then immediately after that the preview generation progress bar appears in same top-left place (by the Lr title). At least that's what I just watched on my machine with an import!

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