Al Jazeera TV Show Ideas

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Re: You have a very active imagination

Collett wrote:

Is that neutral enough for you?

You have a very active imagination. Acquire some logic and facts to go with that, and perhaps we can have an adult conversation

At a time when Al Jezzerra is being compared to Al Qaeda, I see nothing funny about joining the chorus of "Hate."

I HAVE made jokes at the expense of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. But for a joke to be "funny," it has to have a grain of truth behind it. Where is this grain of truth is saying they will have a TV program called:

"How I stoned your Mother?"

Would it be a laughing matter if I made a joke about the Republican Platform, where I titled on of their planks, "How to use the Bible to teach a woman to enjoy being raped?"

And oddly enough, although I would never make such a joke, there's MORE truth in that, then in the above.

This is not a question of being PC. This is a question of trying to destroy a media outlet by a chorus of slander.


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