Canon EOS 70D DxO Mark

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Re: Canon EOS 70D DxO Mark

I haven't to this point tried to understand the way DxOMark develops their data and data are important according to how they are measured and methods used.  However, though it does concern me that the DxO Mark data indicates Canon to be behind Sony and Nikon I have stuck with Canon due to the great results I get.  Also love Canon JPEG colors for landscape and street work.

I do use a Nikon D600 with Nikon AF-S 60mm f2.8 micro for copy work.  It stays on my tripod at all times since it is easy for me to do paintings/drawings copy work quickly as everything stays level.  I find the Nikon D600 to have great color saturation.  However, I use a Canon 6D for field work as well as portrait/figure photo work.  Get results I am happy with and I find Canon system easy to use.

On top of all that I just ordered a Canon 70D to replace my T4i as backup camera and BIF work.  I expect Canon will do what is needed over the years to stay competitive in the sensor area.  The new 70D sensor is just the beginning (IMHO) to future Canon mirrorless that will use all present and future Canon EF lenses.

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