Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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peevee1 wrote:

Moti wrote:

Do you know the full list of specs and functions of the EM-1? I guess not. Did you try it out? Touched it? seen it? Of course not.

So what exactly is your point for arguing about a camera you don't know much about with people who may have different needs and personal preferences than yours? Arguing for the sake of arguing? That is probably the only thing that is clear here.

Don't need to know specs to speculate about them. Had I know them, I would not be speculating in fact, and would already know whether or not the camera will fail.

And given that so many details about the camera were leaked, I am afraid the only thing that matters for its success at $1,500 is in fact missing. For what has been leaked makes it great at $700 and viable at $1000, but not at $1,500.

E-M5 is already succeeding at $1000+/- depending on grip etc. Why would Oly come out with a product that is an upgrade to E-M5 and sell it for over $300 less?

E-M5 was $1000 18 months ago (and not even then, as it came with free flashes/grips/lenses depending on a country). Since then a lot of new competition appeared and prices have fallen, including the price of E-M5. Weather-sealed, dual-control-wheel, sensor-stabilized camera with 6 fps and built-in flash, not much bigger and heavier than E-M1 looks to be, with pentaprism OVF, with A LOT of available lenses easily matching m43 and 4/3 systems combined, sells for $470 on Amazon new. Yes, and this camera beats Somy m43 sensor by 1/2 stop in noise and 2 stops in DR at base. WiFi is the price of EyeFi card, $50 or so, and only for those few who need it (nobody really does, so you can sell the EyeFi card after you play with it). So all those features (and E-M1 does not even have build-in flash) are not going to sell your $1,500 body to any rational buyers, and there are only so many irrational ones. Want to sell it, either compete on price with cameras with YOUR feature set, or compete on features with bigger boys.

As simple as that.

$1500 seems a little over priced (though I won't judge till I know more) but $700 is ridiculously cheap

And how $470 sounds then?

and would kill of ALL other Oly camera sales...

Why is that? A lot of buyers do not want bigger cameras with viewfinders and a lot of buttons, and for them E-M2 for $400 with lens sounds better - simpler and lighter.

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