Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: Gees, assumptions

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nzmacro wrote:

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David Kieltyka wrote:


And you still going to buy $1,500 E-M1 over now what, $800 E-M5? Why? And are YOU ALONE, or a few strange fellows like you, enough to pay for R&D of E-M1 then??

You sure like to make a lot of assumptions.

Hate to tell you but out of all the Oly users, the minority is here at DPR, not the majority. The cost of the EM1 might well be out of your range, cost is all relative. You do realise that in the Oly SLR forum here at DPR, a lot do use the expensive lenses, not what you use at all.

Traffic on Oly SLR forum is barely 1/10 of the traffic on m43 forum. And the system is dead, and buried, not a single new release for 3 years, exactly because there is not enough of you to sell even a single camera to you.

Funny I know, but some people actually can afford it and need it for what they take.

I can afford absolutely any camera, it does not matter if I don't like the size of there is a better camera cheaper.

Ahhh hang on, I'll just check something.........

Yeah I did mention it, I don't use Oly, I shoot with NEX so not sure why you even mention the slowness of the Oly forum

The ability for the new Oly to take the 4/3 lenses is a huge bonus

Any m43 camera can take them if you don't need speed (not shooting moving subjects or can rely on luck), and if you need speed (like for sports), you need fast tracking at fast fps.

and then to have a top shutter speed of 1/8000 is something the EM-5 can't do.

D7100 and many others have 1/8000 at cheaper prices. $500 k-30 has 1/6000, not a big difference. And not many benefit from it, basically those who shoot primes wide open in bright sunlight (for supershallow DoF gimmick) and don't want to spend a couple of $$ for a ND filter (although sometimes you would need an ND filter anyway even at 1/8000, try f/0.95 Voightlanders or SLR Magic which is used by those who want shallow DoF on m43, or try to shoot video, although I would just use 6D and cheap and light f/1.8 primes if I were into that). Basically it's value is a price of ND filters for your fast primes - a few $$, not $1,500.

As I said, you don't need it or warrant it, others do. Simple fact.

Very few - unless it can actually compete.

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