Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: Speak for yourself only, please...I don't care about AF tracking speed. NT

DLBlack wrote:

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David Kieltyka wrote:


And you still going to buy $1,500 E-M1 over now what, $800 E-M5? Why? And are YOU ALONE, or a few strange fellows like you, enough to pay for R&D of E-M1 then??

I have an E-M5 and no FT lenses yet I am on my local camera store for the E-M1. The reasons are the built-in grip, the built-in VF4, the extra direct control buttons, the 1/8000 shutter speed, and full wifi control. So far the more I find out about the E-M1 the more I like it. I love my E-M5 and plan on keeping it and moving it status to back-up camera. Now I sneak my wife's camera out for a back-up camera. From the rumor features the E-M1 looks to be an excellent price and compair really well to the aps-c "pro-level" cameras like the 7D, D300s, or K5ii.

All those cameras are significantly cheaper and can track at 7 fps (although k-5 II is not very reliably from what I have read). K-5 II even has better IQ at the same f-stops. Why would you buy a more expensive one? WiFi control? So you are going to use it on a tripod, standing right next to it with your iPhone so WiFi range would work? And the weight of the camera does not matter, because the tripod holds it, not you?

If the E-M1 is not the camera for you and you like the E-M5 then get the E-M5. It is an excellent camera.

I have already got E-M5. And would not buy E-M1 not matter what, simply don't need another camera now. But I wish the system would stay competitive, and at $1,500, I don't see E-M1 competitive (at $1,500) unless it actually beats competitors at this price level.

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