Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

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Re: Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

Mark K W wrote:

  • How much free space on the 256GB SSD?
  • How many images in your catalog?
  • How much disk-space is used for your previews now when you check?
  • What are your settings for previews?
  • Did you import a huge-huge amount of images such that based on that import date, LR is maybe struggling for disk space for previews it has been told also not to discard?
  • Also, how much space have you allocated for ACR cache? LR will use up to that limit.

Sounds to me like LR is not able to get enough disk space to make (and keep) all your previews.

(In above, for LR5, read same as LR4)

Would anything else be preventing LR getting access for the disk preview space it needs for your catalog size?? Any disk-space manager? Any anti-virus software?

1). 172GB free

2). 10,157 images that equals to roughly 1.1GB worth of Catalog

3). 724MB used so far Previews

4). I believe when I imported my images, I selected minimal. Not sure if we are on the same page.

5). I imported all my images yesterday. That was 10,157 images. I do not know how to check if "Lightroom has been told not to discard"

6). 20.0 GB worth of Camera Raw memory. Was only at 1 GB!

Now, only random images are blanked out when I scroll through them in Grid View from Library module and while scrolling through them in the Filmstrip. While scrolling through the Film Strip, there would be a section of blanked out images of maybe 8 and then I wait a few seconds and those images will appear, but images surrounding those blanked out pictures are all appearing.

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