Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

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Jim Hess Veteran Member • Posts: 5,416
Re: Lightroom 5 Questions! Please Help! First Timer!

RunOrDie226 wrote:

Oh ok, well thanks for that.

How will my images and Catalog work when I use Lightroom 4.4? Do I have to import again or does my current Lightroom 5 Catalog automatically switch to Lightroom 4.4?

Also, can this "lag" if you will, be caused by RAW images I am using? What image formats are you seeing when viewing the Filmstrip?

I really don't think you would see that much difference in performance between the two versions. I didn't have any trouble with Lightroom 4, and I haven't had any with LR 5. And your Lightroom 5 catalog cannot be read by Lightroom 4. You will have to create a new catalog. Going to Lightroom 4 will allow you to use the program for 30 days, but it might be difficult for you to find a version to purchase. Adobe doesn't sell older versions.

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