Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Steve_ wrote:

Is this what the internet is for? To attempt to reduce cameras like an E-M1 or 1Dx to spec sheets and prices?

If you really think reliable 9fps tracking is going to happen, think again. Oly DSLRs like the E-5 are purely average in such pursuits, and reliable 9fps tracking is of another world. Most likely, some of those limits are inherent in the lenses.

There has been 3 years since E-5 release, they should have worked on that. If not, then E-M1 will flop just like E-5 (and all Four Thirds in fact) flopped - for being not up to competition at the requested price points.

Likewise, if you think that such an unlikely thing as 9fps tracking would somehow level the playing field compared to a 1Dx, you are delusional.

I am not saying it will be better than 1Dx, but it might be significantly better than 7D, 70D and D7100, and twice as cheap as 1DX system. This is the only way to justify its price which is in fact higher than 7D, 70D and D7100.

Sensor area matters, regardless of how well the E-M5 bears its small-sensor cross.

Sure, and lens speed matters too. So m43 sensor with 90-250 at 250mm at f/2.8 will get better results than 1Dx with 200-400 1.4x @f/5.6 (at 500 mm), simply because ISO will be 4 times lower at the same shutter speed.

I generally don't wast energy posting that a given thread is drivel, as true drivel is easily spotted. Guess I'll never totally stop doing things I shouldn't.

True, you shouldn't, especially if you don't understand what you read first.

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