Improving Images by Stacking

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Re: Improving Images by Stacking

irvcobb wrote:

I just watched Ben Willmore present an easier technique for doing part of this. After the images have been stacked and aligned, convert the entire stack to a smart object. Then choose Layer|Smart Objects|Stack Mode|Median. This saves the time (and math) of entering the individual opacity values into the layers.

I think PhotoAcute is easier, and gives better results. It can also increase dynamic range, remove moving objects like cars and people from some sequences, do focus stacking for increased depth of field, and polarisation stacking for better removal of reflections.

The latest version has an FZ200 profile so it can increase image resolution. (Hm. Who could have sent them the FZ200 profile photos, for them to enable that...? ;-D)

Tip: If you want a free "pro" license, and you have a camera (or camera+lens combination) that they don't have a profile for... contact them about making one. (They currently don't have FZ150, LX7, FZ70 and many others!)

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