Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

JulesGo wrote:

Interesting thread ! I got an EM-5 coming from a Canon DSLR mainly because of weight and size. The EM-5 is fine but, in order to upgrade, I would need these 4 must-have:

  1. A reliable AF-tracking system
  2. A focusing scheme different from the focus squares that wander all around the EVF. I need to be able to set a small focus point that I can LOCK in place and that will stay there, no matter what.

Locking is easy. If it wonders, you probably are set on iAuto or face recognition. Smaller size is possible by magnifying the view and then back (see advises here on this forum).

  1. WiFi

Plug EyeFi card with it. But how are you going to use it really, and why do you think it is better than faster and non-battery-consuming way of plugging SD card into a card reader?

  1. The camera must stay small and light. A little bit bigger is ok but not by much. It must at least be smaller than the GH3. A good grip would be a plus.

I guess E-M1 will fit in between E-M5 and GH3. But the difference with GH3 (especially in weight) is already going to be so small that not really significant I am afraid. Either big grip or low weight, if you want metal and weather-sealing too. That grip adds up.

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