M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

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Re: I'm curious

ThomR wrote:

If you put the $500 Nikon 85mm lens on a new D7100 take a pic at F1.8 and then crop it down to 16MP and a 4x3 aspect ratio, how would the image compare to the Olympus 75mm lens on an E-M5 at F1.8? I have no idea, but that would be a good comparison.

It is in fact will be very very close.

These companies sell items for what the market will pay. If there is less competition and no used market/supply, the prices will be high.

I am not sure what "market will pay" means. There is not a single cut off market price - "market will pay $899 but not 899.01". Especially for the goods like lenses where demand is very elastic.
I think it works more like this - "a marginal production cost of 75/1.8 is $200, we have spent developing it (including licensing of IP, testing, tooling, marketing) $1.5M in fixed costs, if we set the price at $300 we will sell 20,000 of them over the life of the lens earning $2M (earning $0.5M), if we set the price at $900 we will sell 4,000 of them, but with margin of $700 per unit we will earn $2.8M, i.e. will have profit of $1.3M, and always can drop the price later to earn a few more sales on the tail end if cheaper competition would not catch by that time".

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