Let's be clear, the ONLY thing about E-M1 that matters is...

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Re: Let's be clear, even if it does tracking well, it will not...

marike6 wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

... its AF tracking speed.

If it can do reliable 9+ fps tracking with 90-20/2.8, it competes with $6,700 1Dx (+ $13K 200-400/4 1.4 Extender to replace that $6,000 90-250).

Even if it can do 9+ fps with AF tracking, which seems highly unlikely considering the EM-5 only does 4+ fps with full AF, it still will not come close to competing with a pro FF DSLR like the 1DX because the IQ is just not at the same level of quality.

Before I bought a 7D (which has pretty sophisticated AF and tracking) I had no idea just how elaborate things like AF tracking could be - things like settings to determine how quickly the camera responds to movement of what it has settled on as its main subject. Far more than just setting it to 'af tracking' or whatever mode, and there must be a reason such things are on more professional level cameras. The EM-1 will be a very nice camera but some semblance of AF tracking will certainly not put it in contention with genuine pro-level equipment.

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