Galaxy NX Pricing revealed

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Arn Veteran Member • Posts: 3,580
yeah, this doesn't make any sense

That price is just outrageous. Sammy shot itself in the foot with this one. Something like $800€ for the body and $900€ with lens would have been ok. Those interested in "serious" photography will not even concider this product due to lack of physical controls and the rest will not pay that much for a toy.

I really hope Samsung will introduce actual photography gear for the NX-line really soon (and I hope they won't have such hilarious pricing). Otherwise I'm soon selling my NX gear and going for Sony NEX6 and NEX lenses. Sony has pretty much surpassed Samsung on this mirrorless segment (except for the pancake lenses), Samsung needs to up it's game. Where are the fast zoom lenses, fast primes, tele lenses and higher-end bodies?!

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